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Hellomaterials Stalker Sling
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Its quick adjustable non-slipping system fixes your rifle in a stable and firm position on your back leaving your hands free whilst being easily accessible to bring into a point of aim when needed. It can also be used with a backpack.

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The optimal choice when skiing, biking, riding, climbing, walking, running or leading a dog in a leash – even with rifle and backpack. Quickly and easily adjustable non-slippery system. Pro Sling positions your rifle in a stable and firm position on your back releasing both hands. Without backpack, the rifle will lean on its side. The thick and broad Neoprene shoulder strap, in combination with the chest strap, erases the weight of your rifle. You will forget that you are even carrying it. With a single handgrip you can switch pro rifle sling to an ordinary rifle sling and game carrier by loosening the chest strap from the shoulder strap. Connecting the chest strap to the loose loop extension to create a game carrier. 


Secure your rifle on your back, whether you're stalking, crawling or climbing, our Sling will keep your rifle secure. Hellomaterials Stalker Sling is also used as tactical rifle sling, known as quick to release and perfect choice in urban situations. It easily solves problems as climbing ladders with rifle on back- barrel is secured and pointed correctly up in carries spine. The shoulder strap is of 11 mm thick and 65 mm broad Neoprene with ends of real leather. All straps and endings are cross-stitched to reach maximum possible strength. No metal components are used, to avoid unnecessary noise. The weight is no more than 150 grams. Simply a superb and innovative piece of kit. When carrying your rifle with Hellomaterials™ Pro Sling in rough terrain you will feel the difference to a traditional rifle sling, it’s very comfortable and makes the rifle so secure that you probably will forget that you even have a rifle on your back.


Tactical rifle sling

Quick to release and perfect choice in urban situations.


Non-slipping system fixes your rifle in a stable and firm position on your back


Strong luggage style buckles and a 11mm thick neoprene pad adorned the make up of the sling.

High quality

Made to a very high standard of UV and cold proof material

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